Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mondo - A Study in Head Painting

Six or seven years ago, Steve and I went to Honduras to see my brother who was there for a Peace Corp assignment.  While we were there, we backpacked and then took a dugout canoe to an isolate village where Tony often visited to help with economic sustainment activities.  There we met a carver who made these wooden heads.  We bought one and stuffed in my backpack and took it home and I put in on my dresser and there it stayed all this time until last month when I decided to paint it.


I was tired of staring at his plain wooden face.  I wanted to bring some life to his vacant wooden appearance.

After a few weeks of working on  him, there he joined the other masks and ethnic souvenirs that we've collected over the years.  We have like one wall where we display our collection.

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