Saturday, October 5, 2013


I saw a really cool looking stamp for Haloween that I really wanted but couldn't afford at the time.  The stamp is called the Pinup Queen, and I saw it really well used on the Kathryn Wheel blog.  I also wanted to use this image in a painting in a much larger size so I decided to see if I could render my own version of this image in a painting.

Drawing freehand is difficult for me, and the human form is challenging for me to render exactly.  I used an old canvas with a painting that really didn't come out well. and started with a base of white gesso, and then proceeded to add arcylic paint, alcohol inks, stamps, and acrylic silk glazes.  My painting is 2 feet by 18" in size and I put her in a short dress of my own design.  I like the bootilicious look.

I also liked adding a distressed edge to sides of the painting.  I cut strips of paper, which I secured with old brass nails and glue.  It just really has a put together look that I'm going to complement with some other haloween crafts that I'm making for the front foyer.

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