Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Kalilah - Stained Glass Art

I became interested in stained glass art after reading an article in November/December 2012 Stampington Studio's.

I scrolled through acres of flicker photographs of traditional stained glass art panels, and then went on to view other mediums for stained glass.  I also downloaded free patterns for stained glass, and finally selected one to practice on.  I tried a traditional stained glass panel project, and it went ok, but I wanted to do something really different with a stained glass affect.  

I took a nice picture of my sister Kalilah.  We had gone hiking along the beach in Penrose Park and Kalilah is standing on the rocks against the background of Puget Sound.

Then using PhotoShop, I cut out my sister's head to use as the central focus for this artwork.   I then converted it to a black and white photo.  I then used my light box to trace my sister's face on a blank journal page.  After I got the journal outline down, I placed a sample of stained glass fracture over a portion of my sister's face in the black and white photo.  From that area, I was able to freehand the stained glass affect over the entire paper.

I painted the initial art with just a wash of watercolor and then I went back in and added more depth and detail.  Obviously the result was not a perfect reflection of my sister's face, but rather my rendition as seen through stained the stained glass medium.

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