Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New Crafting Space

As many of my friends know, I craft all over the house.  I sew in the tiny bedroom, I paint and work on jewelry in the garage, I knit and draw in front of the television, and I art journal in the kitchen.  This past year, I've spent a lot of time in the garage, and the heating bill began to reflect that.  It is awfully hard to heat an uninsulated garage with a cold garage floor.  Finishing the garage became the holy grail for dealing with the issue, but we had so many home projects ahead of this one.  Then a month ago, the young man who does work on our house and our garage, told us he would be starting work fulltime within the next 10 days.  Usually Matty begins work in the spring until late in the fall when building construction tapers off.  With so little time left, it was due or die, and so I made the decision to purchase the building supplies from whatever combination of cash and credit I could manage, and pay Mattie from my tax refund.

Here's what the garage looked like before.

Here's what the garage looks like now.

At face value, the change might not seem that much different unless you were here.  We raised the floor a foot, insulated it, exchanged a garage door for a wall with two windows, and carted out a lot of junk.  We still need to bump out the outside walls another two inches, insulate them, and maybe throw up a coat of paint.  But at the moment, I don't care how long that takes.  I am so happy to have light and warmth, and plenty of work space.  This sanctuary has gone from Teresa's garage to Teresa's Art Studio.

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