Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Art Forms

I've decided to explore new art forms this year.  The main reason is that my left hand had problems so I could no longer rely on it's strength and dexterity, and wanted to save any use for practical tasks or work.  So I'm exploring drawing, art journaling and crochet this year and I took the opportunity to use my vacation in Minnesota during December to spend a little bit more time doing this kind of work.  I purchased some books about cartooning, drawing manga, and art journaling.  I watched quite a few art and youtube videos.  And I've been scrolling through Flickr to see what interests me.  My first page was a little awkward.  I was celebrating an evening that Steve and I spent with my brother watching the latest Bond movie.

I focused on the use of neutral tones, while highlighting the movie ticket ephemera that I had kept from the event.  I used collage techniques, pencil, white pen and alchol inks.

Before we left for Minnesota, I had prepped many pages of my art pages with gesso and watercolor surface treatments. I had also packed a wide variety of markers and pens and art supplies. I started off slow.

My second page set was a little more put together.  Like I said I had prepped my pages before hand, and had a number of cuts I could use in my collage.

I did this page while we were vacationing in Minnesota.  It was bitter cold there and I was wishing I was in Arizona. I used a combination of watercolor, collage, cut-out shapes from my silhouette machine, and marker.

This next page started off as an art form called Zentangle. With each page, I learn something different.  Here I simply focused on the use of markers, but I continued my work on the returning flight and accidentally unloaded a large amount of white paint onto the left side of the drawing. 

Note to self.  Don't open pens with a lot liquid in them on airplanes.  Be prepared for disasters.  Particularly don't open white paint pens from Sakura or Sharpie.  It took quite a bit of patience and work to clean it up and repair the damage, and it's still not perfect.

Finally, here's a self drawing of myself.  Still needs some work around the mouth and nose but it's a start.

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