Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tracing Problem – Embroider Little Birds

I've recently taken up embroidery as a way to get my quick fix for crafting.  You can sit down with a piece of fabric or a dish towel and finish a project in under a hour, so this is perfect for the gal who doesn't have much time to get a project done, but wants to introduce a little creativity into her life.  I've gotten into embroidering dish towels because I can draw my design onto the cloth, and for the most part you can stick with one color.  However, doing an adequate trace can be quite the challenge.  I tend to favor using graphite paper to trace my design.  Graphite is great, but as you can see below, the traced pattern can be a little too light to stay the course of the project, particularly if it takes longer that a single sitting to finish your project.

Look, you can barely see the pattern of the little bird on the dish cloth.  So what I learned to do is after I finish the initial trace, I take a washable tracing pencil and outline the original trace in a bolder color.  You may have to go over the trace several times to keep the line from fading.  Over time, you may even need to renew the tracing.

Then just pop it into your hoop and you're ready to go.  I prefer working with smaller hoops.  They're easier to store in my handbag, and I find it easier to work on one little section at a time.

In no time, you'll have decorated a plain white dish towel with your favorite pattern.  I've started getting into red work, but I find that there is just the slightest bleed from the red thread onto my fabric.  Given that this is just a dish towel, I don't mind.  It's going to get stained anyway.

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