Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stitching Book Recommendations

I am an avid reader and collector of magazines and books related to my crafting hobby. I must say that I'm extremely lucky to have such a well stocked library system within the Pierce County. There are just a huge number of crafting books to select from. This week, I have a number of stitching books that I have read that I would like to recommend. Let's begin.

Sew, So Cute by Mary Engelbreit is a great sewing book for both the beginning and more experience sewer. My favorite projects in this book are the PotHolder and Mitt, Pocket Apron, Sewing Set and Travel Case.  I really love the needle case and could one.

Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross features two different types of sewing room arrangements.  My favorite projects are the Quick Garden Gloves, the Travel Bags and Travel Case.  I have dozens of quick garden gloves but could use a colorful pair like these.  The directions look really simple.

The Best of Sew Simple has 50 quick projects.  The Pencil Case, the Java Jacket, the Diva Dress Bottle Bag and Broomstick Skirt were my favorites.  You could make a ton of Java Jackets for quick Christmas presents.   And the Broomstick Skirt would be great to wear in the spring and summer.  I really love the leather tutorial because I have a lot of leather  scraps that I'd like to use up.

The Feisty Stitcher from Susan Wasinger was really interesting.  I absolutely loved the Fuzzy Slipper Boots, the Clever Jacket with Hoodie, and the Enlightened Messenger Bag.

Get the Most From Your Sewing Machine by Marion Elliot has some funky sewing ideas.  The whole basis of the book is based on reuse of existing materials.  For example, there is a great section on the use of fabric sample books.  I myself picked up several fabric sample books at a garage sale for a buck a piece.  With as many as I picked up, I have a lifetime supply available for craft projects.

But my alltime favorite this week is the Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing.  Kathy Cano-Murillo has it going on.  The ideas that she came up.  Sewing is what this blog is all about.  She had so many projects that I just fell in love with.  The Indian Tapestry Tote, the Mercado bag, the Collage Messenger bag, the Diamond Collage tank, the Frock, the Photo Album.  All the punchy color, and glitter, and reuse of existing materials.l  It's look odd and yet so well put together.  What unique ideas.  You've got to wonder what Kathy's house must look like.  This book I have got to get.

Another way to get your reading fix from the library is try to downloading their e-books.  My library has an arrangement with OverDrive.  You can download e-books in either the e-pub or adobe pdf format.  when you download in e-pub format, you can automatically load them into the ipad overdrive app.  If you check out an adobe pdf document, you have to download this file onto your computer, and then either move it into dropbox or through itunes into goodreader.  Then from goodreader, open with the bluefire app which you can use to manage drm files.  I've been using BlueFire to view ebooks I both checked out or purchased from the C&T Publishing which has a ton, absolute ton of electronic books available.  I'm telling you girlfriends, you don't have to wait till Amazon or I-book carries electronic books.  You can find a lot of resources on the web.  And then there is the online selection of magazines which is strangely limited at the moment.  The only options you have available, unless you only view through your pc, is Zinio, at the moment.  Kudos for Interweave, jumping on the electronic media bandwagon.

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