Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scenes From My Craft Room

I would like to say that I always keep my craft room neat and tidy. And I'd be lying. Neat and tidy is a wishful dream. Suffice to say that when I enter my craft room, I'm anxious to get on with the current project, and not so anxious to put away items. This is an issue that I will work on this year, but for now, I thought I would show you what I mean.

Tools and supplies all of jumble, a small workspace that I try to keep more tidy.  Plastic shoe boxes filled with thread, punches, yarn, ribbon; all types of scissors and beading tools, magazines, books and binders.  Part of the issue is that a selection of mismatched containers keep the space from looking well organized.  Also a problem is that I don't rotate my stock of handily available supplies with the season.  This spring, I'm doing a lot more sewing, so I should put my yarn supplies away.

I created a craft room out of a smaller spare bedroom that is 10 by 12 feet square.  I found 2 pieces of sturdy 4 by 8 feet of 7/8" mdf board for $10 bucks a piece at Home Depot.  This sturdy workspace sits on top of old 4 old file cabinets I picked off of Craig's List for $5 bucks a piece, that I have strategically spaced around one corner of the room.

I also attached to the wall 2 by 4 pine boards to help brace the mdf and the combination of file cabinets and 2 by 4 bracing allows me to place any type of weight on the workspace.  I can even stand on it if necessary to reach the wire shelving that I've placed about 18 inches from the ceiling.  This is wire shelving that I have collected over the years and have been slowly removing from my closets in the new house.  Not that wire shelving doesn't have it's place.  It just doesn't make the best use of space as does other storage options.  Of course, in my craft room, the file cabinets combined with wire shelving provide great storage opportunities, which I try to organize with by craft type.

My craft room is equipped with my ipad and laptops, a 32" television and cutting mat. Bins of fabric stacked on wire shelving. Rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon.

And for moments of serious tv watching while knitting, or doing embroidery, I have a comfortable couch with a little stand to hold drinks and supplies.

Of course, I wish I had twice the amount of space.  I dream of IKEA like storage and workspace.  But my craft room is my haven, my area to escape from work, loads of laundry, dirty dishes and guys crowding the living room watching boxing and baseball games.  It's my woman cave, my craft room.  Now, I just need to tidy it up and maybe paint the room a different color.  I'm thinking pink or coral?.

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