Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eye Glass Case

I made myself a new eyeglass case following the pattern Three Birdies Glass Case from the folks of Wee Folk Art.  I followed the pattern almost exactly, but it was only later that I realized that the photo in the pattern had been further embellished.  Well, maybe next time, I'll do some more embellishing.  This project is a nice portable project that I can carry in my purse, although you have to plan carefully and cut out your pattern pieces first - you can create a kit of sorts for the case.  Also, while I used a case to sew both the inside and outside of the case to each other, there was so little stitching, that one could have done this by hand, so need for a sewing machine.  These eye glass cases would make an interesting Christmas gift for family.  Here's a photo of my project.

A couple of comments about the pattern, including some modifications I would make are:
  • I used cotton fabric on the inside of layer.
  • I found that my glasses kept slipping out of the case so I placed a tiny snap 1/2 down on the inside of the case in the middle to keep my glasses from sliding out in my purse.  Next time, I'll sew the snap before attaching the outer layer to the inner layer.
  • As suggested by the pattern, I placed tiny buttons on the outside of the case, as flowers, but I think next time I would use appliqué or simple embroidery for the work instead.

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