Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A New Sewing Machine

I don't usually spend much money on craft materials, but I will spend the dough on tools, if I have the money.  My craft tool purchases are still pretty basic though.  I haven't updated the iron I normally use, nor my 25 year old ironing board.  I did buy a small hand iron to help with ironing small applique pieces, but I have a preference for not burning the end of my fingers since typing is part of my career.
Up till this weekend, I've been using old sewing machines.  The last time I bought a new sewing machine was a Singer purchased 30 years ago.  After years of use by myself, my son, and his friends, I finally let it go in one of my sister's garage sales.  I replaced this with two different sewing machines that I also bought at garage sales but even then, I had problems.
My older machines are:
One of my sewing machine didn't sew in reverse and was missing the cover to the bobbin thread.  The other sewing machine had a problem with sewing tension that I could not fix, despite numerous adjustments.  I was trying to make a present for my mom, an apron, and I the sewing machine that I was using, finally gave up the ghost.  I was so frustrated.  But then Stevie gave me $200 and I ran down to Walmart to buy a brand new sewing machine.
There weren't many choices of course, but I did find good reviews on the Brother SQ-9000.  Here's the scoop on this machine below:

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